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LANCI Extreme Whitening Cream 3D Brighty 50ml (New Model)

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Korean Whitening Cream LANCI Whitening Cream brings whitening effect right after 1 second thanks to the application of 3D stereoscopic technology. Feel the skin tone lift instantly, white right after 1s, keep the glow smooth all day long without causing stickiness, lowering tone.

Licorice extract : has a good effect on soothing the skin, restoring damaged skin thanks to its antibacterial ability.
Avocado extract: Helps remove harmful substances providing some essential nutrients to the skin for firmness and health. At the same time make the skin more white.
Olive oil essence: works to provide the necessary amount of moisture to the skin, improving dryness.

Hawthorn extract: supplemented with a large amount of vitamin E and Vitamin C that prevents and improves the signs of skin aging, helping the skin to be whiter and smoother.
Rose Damas: Soothes the skin, especially with sensitive skin.
Dandelion: Has a good effect in preventing and reversing signs of aging such as dark spots, freckles, wrinkled skin lacking vitality.

Gluthation: This is the most powerful antioxidant for the body. Our bodies can make this substance on their own. But as you get older, the amount of gluthation decreases, forcing you to supply this substance to the skin.
Adenosine: Also a substance present in all human cells, Adenosine is commonly found in rare herbs such as Cordyceps or Reishi.

Thanks to its ability to communicate cells, promote healthy functioning of cells and stronger cell regeneration, Adenosine will help the skin become visibly glowing. That's how quickly melanin-containing cells are eliminated.
In addition, Adenosine also increases the production of ellastin and collagen fibers to help reduce skin aging, sagging and the appearance of crow's feet.

Finally, Niaciamide: Niacinamide is a derivative of Vitamin B3, a vitamin that is very important in repairing inflammatory problems caused by acne, dark skin, aging and dehydrated skin...

Cleanse your skin with Lanci cleanser, use a pH balancing toner
Take the cream to dot the spots on the face then massage gently for the nutrients to absorb.
Use 2 times every morning and evening. Remember to use a protective sunscreen before going outside.

LANCI Extreme Whitening Cream 3D Brighty 50ml (New Model)

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